Oh, I got used to Vim bindings so much! I think half of my work time I spend in NeoVim, so those bindings become my second nature.
And because of that, working with text in Chrome (actually, it is not the single browser for me, but it is the default one at work) becomes less and less convenient.

A few days ago I decided that it’s enough, and I have to find a solution. Previously, I heard about approaches to use you NeoVim inside your browser.

I started looking for exactly this solution, and soon I found Firenvim. It wires your NeoVim with your browser. I was so excited! Until I tried to edit the description for my pull request on GitHub. It appeared to be a bit glitchy and I couldn’t use Cmd+V to insert some text from my clipboard. I’m pretty sure it was possible to solve those problems, but I decided to look farther, for something more native for the browser. I think I’ll come back to Firenvim later, but at the moment it is too much for me.

I opened to Chrome Web Store and typed “vim mode” in. Markdown Anywhere appeared a very surprising solution for me. Its main purpose isn’t provide Vim-bindings, but to make editing of Markdown in browser more comfortable. At the same time, it provides bindings and does it perfectly.

A short remark here: I had to search for “vim bindings” there to get more expected results.

I checked Google with the same keywords: “vim mode”. And it brought Surfingkeys in front of my sight. This plugin solves the problem of navigation in the browser using Vim-bindings (and even more).

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